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100 years of Metro Madrid

Trainset 1121+1122 | Photo: Dirk Budach

The Madrid Metro turned 100 years old on 17 October 2019, but the official celebrations in the Spanish capital began already 1 year ago. In the presence of King Felipe VI, the inauguration of an exhibition of initially four restored cars from the opening year took place on an unused track of the station Chamartín. First, only the trainsets M6 + R6 and M9 + R9 were exhibited here, but soon another eight vehicles were added: M122 + R103, M504 + M505 and M1121 + M1122.

Trainset M9 + R9 has a more modern body dating from the 1940s, while M6 + R6 were almost completely rebuilt to its original condition. Together with various other vehicles of different generations, the cars had spent the last 12 years mostly unprotected outdoors of the depot Cuatro Vientos in the south of the city. Most of the other older vehicles cars in store will gradually be scrapped.

The exhibitions is open to the public between Friday and Sunday. Access is possible with an ordinary metro ticket.

Updated: 17.10.2019 First release: 04.04.2019