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Škoda Transportation launches new trolleybus

The new trolleybus in Opava | Martin Harák

The Czech manufacturer Škoda Electric has been successful in building trolleybuses in cooperation with various body manufacturers already for many years. A completely new model launched to the market is the “32 Tr” – a low floor bus with a standard length of 12 meters and a width of 2.55 meters. The body has been supplied by Czech manufacturer SOR. With three doors it offers a capacity for 95 passengers, of which 35 seated.

The first 10 buses were supplied to to the public transport operator MDP in Opava / CZ. They have a 160 kW asynchronous motor and an additional battery pack on board that allows extended trips off the existing overhead network. By March 2019, all wehicles were in regular service and have enabled all-electric operation of route 221 which contains longer sections without catenary. Here, the new trolleybuses run in battery mode while the batteries are dynamically recharged once using the overhead where available on other parts of the route.

MDP Opava now uses only low-floor trolleybuses in daily service – 11 Solaris Trollino 12 and 13 Škoda Electric 26 Tr (body: Solaris) form the entire operating fleet. The last eight of the Škoda 14Tr trolleybuses and a single 21Tr are stored for sale and operation elsewhere.

Seven more vehicles of the new Škoda Electric 32 Tr are currently on order: 5 for Pardubice and 2 for Teplice. In addition, Teplice has ordered the first articulated version of this new model, called 33 Tr. It will be 18.75 metrres long and offers a passenger capacity of 120, thereof 47 seated. The motor power is 240 kW. All new trolleybuses will be delivered before the end of 2019.

Photos and information: Martin Harák