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An opening ceremony and a typhoon: The new metro in Shaoxing

© Shaoxing Jingyue Metro Co., Ltd.

On 28 June 2021 the opening ceremony of the first, 20.2 km long section of the new Shaoxing Metro took place in the presence of numerous local celebrities. Passenger service initially started in trial mode: Only passengers who had registered online before were allowed to travel. Since 5 July, normal revenue services is operating. A reduced fare of 1 yuan was applied until 27 July, when the normal fare system came into effect.

However, the new system faced quite a challenge already during the first weeks of operation: The service had to be temporarily suspended from 24 to 27 July due to a typhoon, which paralysed public life to a large extent anyway. In the meantime, things have returned to normal, the infrastructure withstood the flooding, the metro operates again on schedule.

The new metro line is part of a planned network, which is already under construction. It will be extended to a network of approximately 210 km. Shaoxing is located within the Hangzhou metropolitan area and also connects directly to the existing metro line 5 of the Hangzhou Metro at Guniangqiao station. From there, it reaches its temporary terminus China Textile City after another nine stations (therof five underground), but will soon be extended to a total length of 54 km including a branch line. A second, 7 km long metro line is already under construction, too.

18 six-car metro trains were delivered by CRRC Puzhen. They reach a top speed of 100 km/h, the power supply is provided by conventional overhead line and pantographs.

A map can be found here:

At the depot | © Shaoxing Jingyue Metro Co., Ltd.
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