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Andreas Pfeffer and his team plan to transform diesel into electric buses

Andreas Pfeffer is one of the CEO's of I See Electric Trucks which converts diesel into electric buses I © UTM

Andreas Pfeffer is owner of the I_SEE Electric Busses GmbH in Enge-Sande (northern Germany). The company is converting diesel buses within one week into e-buses; the first one is just about to receive its TÜV certification and then it will finally undergo the EMC approval process. The engineer Andreas Pfeffer has a „combustion engine“ background, as he points out, and was founder and CEO of emovom GmbH in Hamburg with which he was deeply engaged in the introduction of the electrical Ducato, a light commercial vehicle. He looks back to more than 25 years experience in the automotive component supply chain and is today one of three general managers at I_SEE electric trucks GmbH in Offenbach near Frankfurt which is manufacturing e-vans. He holds his position of sales and marketing there additionally.


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