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Atak Electric on test in Spain

© UTM/b

The Atak Electric is on test tour through Spain. During the last week of July, the test vehicle was used on the urban line no. 6 in the city of Getafe (180,000 inhabitants). Here, the 8-metre-long electric bus from the Turkish manufacturer Karsan could offer a meaningful alternative to the 12-metre buses currently in use. Depending on its configuration, the Atak can carry 47-52 passengers, 18 or 21 of them seated.

The bus is equipped with an electric motor of max. 230 kW power and feeds its energy from five BMW lithium-ion batteries with a combined capacity of 220 kWh.

In addition, the model was also on test on a 600 km long trip between Madrid and Barcelona, in order to demonstrate the ability to use the bus on interurban routes, too.

We reported about the vehicle which is offered to the German market by Quantron AG, already here:

© UTM/b
© UTM/b
On service in Getafe | © UTM/b
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