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BLT awards contract for new tram fleet to Stadler

Stadler Altenrhein is supplying 25 new types of low-floor trams, which are conceptually based on the last order for HEAG Darmstadt I © Stadler

Last week, Baselland Transport AG awarded the contract for the procurement of 25 tram vehicles to replace the Schindler trams to Stadler Rail AG. The latest generation tram will be developed and produced in Switzerland. The investment volume including options and spare parts is around 125 million Swiss francs (approx. 115.75 million euros). Commissioning is planned for October 2023. In the years 2023-2025, BLT will replace 25 Schindler trams, which are over 40 years old, with new vehicles. The new Stadler trams will be used together with the existing Tango trams on all tram lines. BLT’s vehicle fleet will remain constant at 63 trams of 45 metres each. In response to the publicly published invitation to tender in April 2020, Stadler Rail AG submitted an offer for 25 BLT trams with further procurement options. The offer meets all the criteria of the invitation to tender, including technical and operational requirements, and includes vehicles, spare parts and optional vehicle maintenance. The total investment amounts to approximately 125 million Swiss francs.

In 2008 – 2016 Stadler already delivered 38 ten-axle Tango low-floor trams to BLT I © Carlo Pols/ Wikipedia License CC BY-SA 3.0

Latest generation trams

The 25 trams will be developed and produced in Switzerland. BLT is the first company in Switzerland to use the new generation of trams. Last year, the Darmstadt transport authority already opted for the new, innovative type of tram. We reported here:

Conceptually, the new generation is similar to the existing Tango vehicles, but according to the manufacturer, it is a new development. The technical data are:

  • Seven-car multi-articulated vehicle, 85% continuous low-floor, 45.5 metres long, 2.3 metres wide
  • Eight wide double doors
  • Large collecting compartments to allow for short passenger changes
  • Steel body structure
  • Five integrated bogies (four of which are powered) with axles and large wheels.
  • 96 seats (additional 7 folding seats), 160 standing places
  • Integrated passenger information system
  • Full air conditioning
  • 100% BehiG-compliant
  • Maximum speed 80 km/h

During the new development, a special focus was placed on passenger comfort. The vehicle has a spacious interior and large panoramic windows. The bogies at the beginning and end of the vehicle offer a high degree of running smoothness and are gentle on wheel and rail. The new vehicle is low-floor and barrier-free from the first to the last passenger door. There are no landings and comfortable foot and knee spaces throughout. Collision warning system and sliding step pre-equipment The tram will be supplied with a collision warning system, which is also used on the Waldenburgerbahn. The vehicles will be pre-equipped in such a way that a later installation of sliding steps at all double doors is possible. The reason for this is the decision in principle taken in Basel-Stadt to equip the trams with sliding steps in the medium term, so that cyclists have more space between the edge of the platform and the rail at cape stops. Order expected to be placed in September Over the next few months, the specifications will be finalised in detail and the application for funding will be submitted to the federal government and the cantons so that the order can be placed in September 2021.

The eight-axle Schindler Be 4/8 railcars with sedan chair (low-floor centre section) remain in service I © Alf Van Beem/ Wikipedia Licence CC0 1.0 Universal

The current BLT fleet

BLT’s fleet currently consists of the following vehicles:

  • 38 ten-axle low-floor articulated trams Be 6/10 “Tango”, built between 2008 and 2016, manufactured by Stadler Altenrhein.
  • 32 eight-axle articulated trams Be 4/8, built in 1986, equipped with a litter (low-floor centre section) in 1999, manufacturer Schindler Waggon AG, Pratteln
  • 25 six-axle articulated trams Be 4/6, built 1978 – 1981, manufacturer Schindler Waggon AG, Pratteln
The 25 Be 4/6 Schindler articulated trams are being replaced by the new Stadler fleet – here a pair in 1987 I © Kurt Rasmussen (Wikipedia)


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