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Bochum-Gelsenkirchen: “Netz 2020” goes live

Düwag M6S on route 310 in Bochum-Laer meets Stadtler on route 302 | © UTM

Bochum’s tram operator, the Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Straßenbahn (BoGeStra), will introduce substantial changes in its line network and has launch the new “Netz 2020”. Frequencies on most of the lines will be 15/30 minutes, with a number of overlapping routes which will bring a 7.5 minutes headway on most of the tramway sections. A new colour scheme should facilitate the use of the tram lines.

Main changes include:

305 (new): Höntrop – Langendreer Bahnhof
309 (new): Langendreer Bahnhof – Witten – Heven Dorf
310: new routing via Langendreer, closing of the Unterstraße – Papenholz section for revenue servcie, new section Langendreer Markt – Papenholz
316 (new): Bochum-Gerthe, Heinrichstraße – Bochum-Hamme (rush hour to Wanne-Eickel)

The new network can be found here: https://www.bogestra.de/fileadmin/dam/pdf/Netz_2020/Schienennetzplan_2o2o_15-08-2…pdf

Official Start for “Netz 2020” is 15 December 2019, however, as the new section Langendreer Markt – Papenholz will not be completed before end of next year, BoGeStra will offer regular tram service between Witten Crengeldanz and Heven Dorf using the remaining Düwag M6S-trams here. The old track between Crengeldanz via Papenholz to Unterstraße remain serviceable and used for depot/workshop access of the trams in Witten.

M6S no. 321 between Urbanusstr. and Am Honnengraben – this section will be replaced by the new routing via Langendreer | © D. Budach

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