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Coronavirus: IT-TRANS postponed and preventive actions for public transport

Coronavirus: recent developments led organisers to postpone. With safety the number one priority, UITP (the International Association of Public Transport) and Messe Karlsruhe have made the decision to postpone the IT-TRANS. Furthermore, VDV and UITP published pandemic guidelines with measures for public transport operators.

“We have followed the situation throughout each day and have listened closely to the information and advice coming from the local authorities. The safety and wellbeing of all our exhibitors, delegates and visitors is always our top priority, therefore we believe this is the correct decision for all involved and we appreciate your understanding and support.” said Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of UITP and Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Messe Karlsruhe.

The IT-TRANS event, the largest of its kind dedicated to digitalisation in public transport, was due to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany (3-5 March 2020). The Taxi- and Ridehailing Conference would have taken place at the same time as IT-TRANS, which has now also been postponed. The new date shall be communicated in due time.

In Germany, several public events have been cancelled and preventive measures are recommended for public transport I © UTM

The queries and health concerns of IT-TRANS participants have increased significantly this week, as media reports have been growing more alarming. Worldwide, an increasing number of countries or local authorities are considering imposing or tightening restrictions on international travel, or on the organization of large events. In addition, a growing number of important EU based companies have imposed business travel restrictions or even bans on their employees. Meanwhile, well-known exhibitors, important speakers, some conference topics and also some of the supporting associations withdrew from their participation in the event.

In light of the these extreme circumstances, the organisers have concluded on 27 February that they can no longer ensure the safe and serene environment expected by the stakeholders, and have therefore decided with regret but determination to postpone the event.

More information will be provided in the coming days as we move forward.

For updates, the organisers recommend to stay connected to the dedicated IT-TRANS event website and social media feed. For more general information, also consult relevant information channels made available by the relevant authorities, such as :


Coronavirus: So far no impact on public transport

With the assessment of Germany’s Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn that Germany is facing an epidemic, the focus is also on public transport in the regions affected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (“Coronavirus”). The Association of German Transport Operators (VDV) fully supports the proposed preventive measures of the federal government and the crisis team. At the same time, the VDV pointed out in a statement that in transport with around 30 million people on buses and trains every day, it is not possible to register passengers.

Germany wide, 30 million passengers are transported in public transport – a preventive registration like it is the case in air travel, is therefore not feasible I © UTM

VDV general manager Oliver Wolff commented: “Appropriate measures must be taken in order to ensure the highest level of hygiene and to deal sensitively with passengers who show symptoms of sickness. We support the measures of the federal government and offer cooperation in the joint crisis team. Particular attention should be paid to the large number of people transported in local transport. At the same time, it must be taken into account that transportation by bus and train takes place without mandatory registration, i.e. anonymously. This is a crucial difference from air traffic, for example. In the interests of passengers, the VDV therefore relies on comprehensive information from the transport company about suitable behavioral measures in order to take preventive and risk-minimizing measures”.

Also the international UITP published a press releasing, saying that the association is “ready to offer advice and provide engagement for the public transport sector and those with concerns over what the outbreak means for us all”. Besides the IT-TRANS, UITP is also organizing the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition (Dubai, 13-15 April 2020) on which more information will be available in the upcoming days and weeks. UITP also produced detailed recommendations with guidelines and a factsheet for public transport operators and authority members which can be downloaded We have also produced detailed recommendations with guidelines and a factsheet for our public transport operator and authority members which can be downloaded in the members area.

Pandemic guideline

In 2009, when the so-called “swine flu” broke out in Germany and other countries, the association and its companies worked out guidelines for dealing with pandemics in transport companies, which can be downloaded from the following site (only in German):



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