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DB: Medibus Ahrtal

Medibus Ahrtal, Bayern Express bus 585, model VDL Citea LLE-127/255, at Bad Neuenahr station | © Christian Marquordt

Three years ago (2018), Deutsche Bahn (DB) commissioned its first “Medibus”. As a mobile doctor’s surgery, the bus was intended to provide medical care in areas where there are no established doctor’s surgeries. This first “Medibus” went into service in the region East Hessen.

The bus was a brand-new VDL Citea LLE-127/255, which VDL had not equipped with seats inside, but which was “furnished” as a doctor’s practice.

Since the devastating floods on the Ahr also destroyed various doctors’ practices, DB has now sent one of its “Medibuses” to the Ahr valley.

In total DB has already seven such buses in operation. They are all registered to the DB subsidiary “Bayern Express” in Berlin.

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