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Deutsche Bahn plans 25,000 hires in 2020

Gespräch zwischen Tf und KiN am Bahnsteig

In order to respond to the increasing demand in terms of operation and infrastructure projects, Germany’s national rail operator Deutsche Bahn plans to hire around 25,000 new employees this year. Among them will be 4,700 young professionals, train and bus drivers, maintenance personnel, IT experts and engineers. Deutsche Bahn plans to hire around 25,000 new employees this year. These include 4,700 young professionals. For comparison: in 2019 there were more than 24,000 recruits, 4,200 of whom were trainees.

“Deutsche Bahn is committed to a powerful growth program”, says DB Human Resources Director Martin Seile. “Significantly more infrastructure and more trains lead to more employees who are involved in expanding the infrastructure and in driving the new trains”.

As part of its “Strong Rail” (German: “Starke Schiene”) strategy, DB will bring around 100,000 new employees on board in the upcoming years. In times of economic deflation, DB is creating new jobs while other sectors are reducing their workforce. There are 500 different job profiles in the DB group as well as 50 apprenticeships.

The largest professional groups in which Deutsche Bahn hires, trains and qualifies (including junior staff) are the following:

  • Train driver (approx. 2,300)
  • Track maintenance (approx. 3,300)
  • Dispatcher (approx. 2,000).
  • Rail vehicle maintenance personnel (approx. 1,500)
  • Construction projects / supervisors (approx. 1,700)
  • IT specialists (approx. 1,100)
  • Service staff at the station (approx. 800).
  • Service staff on the train (approx. 1,100)
  • Bus driver (approx. 1,600)
  • Shunting service / train preparation (approx. 600)
  • Engineers (approx. 1,000)
Train driver  I © Oliver Lauer/ Deutsche Bahn AG

There are further vacancies for security staff, cleaning staff, building and plant maintenance personnel, for office management, for financial experts, buyers etc. More information can be found here:  https://karriere.deutschebahn.com/karriere-de

Source: DB AG

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