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e-troFit has new CEO

Andreas Hager became the CEO of e-troFit GmbH in 2019 I © e-troFit GmbH

Andreas Hager is CEO of the e-troFit GmbH. After his graduation as Bachelor Professional of Trade and Commerce he gained many years of professional experience as sales manager worldwide, before he joined the in-tech group. In over 3 years as site manager Ingolstadt he achieved a growth from 40 to 200 employees. In 2018 he became head of the newly established business unit New Mobility Solutions, in which, among other things, the e-troFit concept was developed. 2019 the project was spun off as a subsidiary company and Andreas Hager became CEO of the e-troFit GmbH. In addition, he is the managing director of two other in-tech subsidiaries in the area of charging and mobility concepts. His high level of empathy and strong communication skills, are also reflected in his leadership style. A great motivational capacity and his wide intercultural competence round off his profile. 

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