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Ebusco is growing: Venray

© Ebusco

In 2012, a completely new bus manufacturer (Ebusco = Electric BUS COmpany) was founded in the Dutch town of Deurne (Eindhoven region). Ebusco entered the city bus market segment building exclusively full-electric buses. The company is now one of the larger suppliers in the electric bus market. And not only in the Netherlands and Europe – Ebusco now operates worldwide.

Two numbers may prove this: at the turn of the year 2021/22, Ebusco had an order backlog of 325 buses, one year later, one year later – at the turn of the year 2022/2023, this number increased to 1,474 buses. As a result, the factory on the “Vuurijzer” road in Deurne has long since become too small.

The main plant in Deurne is growing

Last summer and autumn, the author visited Deurne twice. And he noticed that the factory had grown considerably: in September 2018, the factory hall in Deurne measured 7,000 square metres; in the meantime, the hall area has simply tripled to 21,000 square metres. And not only at the previous address “Vuurijzer 23”, the company has also expanded to neighbouring properties. And above all, the factory has also grown across the road to the opposite side of the street. The demand for electric buses is visibly high.

New plant in Venray

So great, in fact, that Ebusco opened another assembly plant on 7 March. Namely on the Maasheseweg in Venray, about 30 kilometres east of Deurne, near Venlo on the banks of the Meuse. “Omroep Venray” writes: “Anyone who has driven past the former Xerox factory in recent days will have been surprised by the many buses that have suddenly appeared on the site. The buses are certainly for Berlin’s BVG.”

In this new production facility of Ebusco, 100 people work in the final inspection of buses to be delivered and in the after-sales area. The property is 25,000 square metres in size.

Ebusco currently has a total of 600 employees, and CEO Peter Bijvelds is aiming for an annual output of 3,000 buses, which he will build mainly in Europe but deliver all over the world. The board consists of three people: Peter Bijvelds, Bob Fleuren and chief financial officer Paul van Beers.

Coming soon: the plant in Cléon, France

Ebusco’s plans to grow are also documented by the fact that it plans to open a production plant in Cléon, France, in the Rouen region of Normandy. Renault has a plant here that produces electric motors for cars. And because electric motors are technically much simpler than engines for internal combustion engines, they do not need as much space to build them. In short, Renault has more space at its Cléon plant. And this space – also around 20,000 square metres – is now rented to Ebusco. Ebusco not only wants to build buses here, but also to locate the commercial support for south-western Europe. Both partners, Ebusco and Renault, expect mutual synergy effects from this “living together” concept.

© Ebusco
Inauguration ! | © Ebusco
MP (Limburg) Member Stephan Satijn (3rd from left) in the new factory hall in Venray, together with Ebusco Board Members Bob Fleuren, Peter Bijvelds und Paul van Beers (from left to right) in front of one of BVG Berlin’s new e-buses | © Ebusco
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