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Florian Weh is the new general manager of the AGV MOVE employers’ association

Florian Weh is the new general manager of AGV MOVE I © DB

Florian Weh is the new managing director of the employers’ and business association of mobility and transport service providers (AGV MOVE) in Germany. The 45-year-old lawyer and mediator previously worked for the Lufthansa Group for 16 years, where he was most recently “Head of Negotiation Management”. He also headed the Air Transport Employers’ Association as Chief Executive. Weh is also a lecturer in negotiation management at Goethe University Frankfurt and Bucerius Law School Hamburg.

Martin Seiler, DB Human Resources Director and CEO of AGV MOVE: “We are happy that with Florian Weh we were able to gain a proven expert in collective bargaining and negotiation. He was a negotiator in various negotiations in the aviation industry. He has many years of experience in managing an employers’ association and in political advocacy. I am very much looking forward to working with him.” Weh follows Ulrike Haber-Schilling, who took over as Head of Human Resources at DB Regio in August 2019 after three years at the helm of AGV MOVE. Since then Haber-Schilling has managed both tasks in a personal union.

Seiler thanked Haber-Schilling for her work at AGV MOVE: “Ulrike Haber-Schilling has successfully modernized the association and made it a strong partner of the member companies in times of change and disruption.”

AGV MOVE, founded in 2002, is the employers’ organization and the business association of mobility and transport service providers, companies in the railway infrastructure and related companies. The association represents the work, social and economic interests of its members. AGV MOVE currently has 56 member companies and manages around 400 collective agreements.

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