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Historic tramcars in service in Frankfurt/Oder

84 Jahre alt ist der von Wismar gebaute Tw 60 | © Dirk Budach

The association of tramway enthusiasts in Frankfurt an der Oder had its origin in 1999 because of an urgent need to take action: At that time, either a private association had to take over the responsibility for the preserved, historic tramcars (4 vehicles at that point of time) or all of them would have been sold for scrap.

Subsequently, the formal association “Museumswerkstatt für Technik und Verkehr Frankfurt (Oder) e. V.” was established. The objective was (and is) to restore, repair and maintain the historic fleet and to offer special trips on occasions. In 1999, the museum’s fleet included 3 tramways and 1 trailer, but in the meantime it grew to 6 motorcars and 3 trailers. 6 of them (incl. 1 trailer) are in operating condition and are available for special trips.

LOWA tramway no.Tw 38 built in 1955, ex Naumburg 28 ex Gera 136 ex Stralsund 13 , at Oderallee on a special trip | © Dirk Budach

The name of the association also changed during its now more than 20 years of history. Nowadays the association is called “Historische Straßenbahnen Frankfurt (Oder) e.V.”. This name best describes what the club is all about and what its more than 30 members are committed to: the restoration and preservation of historic trams from more than 120 years of urban transport history.

For special occasions and/or on pre-booked special trips, the vehicles are available to revive the memories to the passengers. The members of the association are happy to guide interested visitors through their premises every first and third Saturday of the month and tell the story of 120 years of public transport in Frankfurt/Oder.

Homepage of the association:


Gotha no. 35 and a Mercedes-Benz O 305 Bus | © Dirk Budach
Gotha no. 29 built in 1958, 1968 ex Halle 525, 1995-2002 in Naumburg no. 35 | © Dirk Budach
LOWA trailer 118 is to be restored | © Dirk Budach
No. 41 built in Wismar in 1936 | © Dirk Budach
© Dirk Budach

Fleet roster:

29 Gotha T57 (1958), 1968 ex Halle 525, 1995-2002 in Naumburg no. 35

35 Gotha T57 (1957), service tram no. 3 since 1995

38 LOWA ET (1955), ex Naumburg 28 ex Gera 136 ex Stralsund 13

41 Wismar (1936)

49 Gotha T2-62 (1964), ex Plauen 74

60 Wismar (1936)

113 Gotha B57 (1957), trailer

118 LOWA EB54 (1955), 2011 ex Brandenburg 203, trailer

124 RAW Schöneweide REKO (1974) , trailer

LOWA no. 38 | © Dirk Budach
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