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Integration IT Solution for S-Tog Copenhagen

S-Tog Copenhagen | © UTM/b

Optimum vehicle working scheduling and disruption management around the clock – Danske Statsbaner (DSB) plan and dispatch Copenhagen’s entire suburban rail transport with the integrated standard system IVU.rail from IVU Traffic Technologies. To further standardise the system landscape, DSB will in future also rely on IVU’s complete solution for all duty scheduling and personnel allocation in Copenhagen. 

On the basis of a long-term framework agreement, DSB are building a new digital production platform together with IVU in order to be able to deploy trains and train personnel more quickly and flexibly. DSB already plans and dispatches all vehicles in Copenhagen’s suburban rail transport with IVU.rail, and personnel deployment will also be controlled with IVU’s standard software in the next step. 

DSB can already create optimal timetables and vehicle workings in just one system and are able to react quickly in the event of disruptions. Planners benefit from an intelligent suggestion system that automatically recommends the best possible vehicle schedules for railcars and trains, taking timetables into account. At the same time, IVU.rail displays all information on the current operational situation and supports the dispatch managers in resolving disruptions. 

“Introducing IVU.rail for all our long-haul and regional rail transport after the introduction with the  Copenhagen S-Train means we will be able to align our planning and dispatching processes throughout the network,” said Thomas Gordon Clausen, Head of Current Operations at DSB. “This simplifies our system landscape, increases operational quality, and saves valuable resources at the same time.” 

“DSB is known beyond the borders of Denmark for efficiency and punctuality,” said Oliver Grzegorski, Head of the Rail Division at IVU Traffic Technologies, “and we are very proud that we are able to support this with our complete IVU.rail system, initially in Copenhagen and in future nationwide as well.”  (Info: IVU.rail)

S-Tog Copenhagen in Hillerød | © UTM/b
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