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Irizar e-mobility‘s distinctive e-bus design for Burgas

@ Irizar e-mobility

On Wednesday 20 October 2021, the first two electric buses out of a total of 44 vehicles on order were presented at the depot of the municipal bus operator in Burgas/Bulgaria. Irizar e-mobility will supplied 34 e-buses of 12-metre length and another 10 articulated, 18-metre long vehicles to BurgasBus, in addition to 44 interoperable ECI-100 chargers from Jema Energy (an Irizar Group company).

The event was attended by the Mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov and other representatives and authorities, in front of a large audience of expectant citizens.

Presentation in Burgas with Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, Alejandro Polanco, Spanish Ambassador in Bulgaria, and Imanol Rego, General Manager Irizar e-mobility, among others | © Irizar e-mobility

The operator had decided to incorporate some aesthetic features of the Irizar “ie tram” BRT model, generating a distinctive vehicle that maximises comfort, accessibility and safety. These features include additional windows located underneath the normal windows on each side, a wooden floor layout which make a contrast to the metallic seats, and a partially transparent design of the articulated portals, among others. The 12-metre „ie bus“ model has 3 access doors, 26 seats (4 of which are PRM) and a wheelchair area. The 18-metre „ie bus“ has 4 doors, 32 seats (4 of which are PRM) and a wheelchair areaas well. The vehicles are equipped with Irizar lithium-ion batteries. 

© Irizar e-mobility
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