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Italian Trolleybuses Abroad: Filobus italiani all’estero

This comprehensive documentation covers the extensive export activities of the Italian trolleybus manufacturing industry since the 1940s. Italian trolleybuses were wide-spread and used in many parts of the world. The book describes production and sales of the vehicles but also includes a description of each of the systems which purchased and operated the trolleybuses. The quality of the photos and maps is outstanding, and various tables provide a lot of details about the subject.

The book clearly shows the high standard of the publications offered by the British ‘Trolleybooks’ editorial which is a joint initiative of the country’s trolleybus associations BTS and NTA. All benefits directly go into restoration projects of historical vehicles. If you are interest in technical history in general and in electric public transport in particular, it is by all means a worthwhile addition to your bookshelf.

Authors: Alessandro Albé / Marco Montanarini

Review of the English translation: Peter Haseldine

258 pages, more than 350 photos, maps etc.

Sales price: GBP 38.00

Text: English/Italian

Editorial: Trolleybooks

Available at:

www.trolleybooks.co.uk, email: sales@trolleybooks.co.uk

ISBN 978-0904235272