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La Spezia: 19 new battery trolleybuses supplied by Solaris

Solaris supplied eight Trollino 12 already in 2013 | © Budach

The trolleybus service in La Spezia, Italy, located on the Riveria in the south of the Liguria region, is being significantly expanded. A good two years ago, it was decided to expand the network, which until now has essentially consisted of the two main lines 1 and 3. It is planned to convert lines “P” (Porto Venere – La Spezia FS) and “L” (La Spezia Fs- Lerici), which will be electrified on sections, while other parts of the line will be operated in battery mode. In addition, a new 100% electric line is to be built along the coast, as the so-called “Linea del Golfo”. Accompanying measures foresee the construction of separated lanes, improvements to traffic lights and regulating measures for individual traffic.

Solaris has won a tender for 19 trolleybuses which will go to operator ATC Esercizio S.p.A. 14 Trollinos with a standard length of 12 metres, and 5 units of 18 metres, will be delivered by the end of 2022. The 12-metre trolleybuses will be powered by a 160 kWh traction motor, whereas the 18-metre vehicles will be equipped with 2 drive units boasting 160 kW each. Moreover, these emission-free Trollino vehicles will be fitted with cutting-edge batteries with a capacity of 45 kWh that will enable them to drive without a connection to an overhead line. The traction batteries will be recharged both en route (via in-motion charging technology) and overnight at the depot.

The 12-metre trolleybuses provide space for 85, while the articulated 18-metre vehicles can accommodate 140 passengers. Apart from standard amenities such as air-conditioning, CCTV cameras and USB ports, out of the producer’s wide range operator ATC Esercizio S.p.A. has also chosen state-of-the-art ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) solutions to support the driver’s work and ensure a safe ride. Enhanced visibility for the driver will be ensured by cameras replacing side mirrors, transmitting images on screens inside the vehicle. Among many other advantages, the innovative design of MirrorEye will allow the width of the vehicle to be reduced, something which is of great importance in the narrow and cramped streets of La Spezia.

What’s more, the eSConnect will provide for modern fleet management and the monitoring of vehicles plying the lines in La Spezia. The highly-professional eSConnect software is a multifaceted tool that enables the efficient management of a fleet of electric vehicles and the optimal use thereof. It is also an accurate diagnostics instrument, facilitating and supporting maintenance capabilities. Furthermore, the operator has decided to equip the vehicles with a passenger counting system integrated both with destination display and driver support systems. It informs both the driver and the passengers (in the latter’s case the information is shown on the destinations displays) of the current number of free places on board the trolleybus.

These are not the first Trollino vehicles to be delivered to the city of La Spezia. In 2013 the company handed over 8 trolleybuses to the same operator. The operate along with 7 remaining Breda Menarini 4001 trolleybuses built in 1988.

Additional information about the trolleybus La Spezia is available here: https://www.trolleymotion.eu/trolleystaedte/stadt/?id=107

1988 built Breda trolleybusse at the depot La Spezia | © Budach
Solaris Trollino 12 built in 2013, at the depot yard in La Spezia | © Budach
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