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Leverkusen: Wupper-Sieg takes over buses from RSVG Troisdorf

23 August 2010: Today's Wupper-Sieg bus no. 487 - an Solaris Urbino 18 - as no. 2630 of RSVG in Siegburg | © Christian Marquordt

On June 30, 2021, the private operator “Kraftverkehr Wiedenhoff GmbH & Co KG” based in Solingen ceased operation its own bus lines within the area of Verkehrsverbund Rhein – Sieg (VRS).

The Wiedenhoff bus company was founded in 1924 at the instigation of Mayor Marquardt of the then still independent community of Witzhelden (now a district of Leichlingen). The Wiedenhoff family based in Witzhelden. They started with a line from Hilgen via Witzhelden to Solingen, later, other lines were added.

Wiedenhoff had its own concessions for these lines. Since the seventies, the company formed the “Verkehrsgemeinschaft Bergisches Land” (VBL) together with the Deutsche Bundespost, the Oberbergische Verkehrs AG (OVAG) from Gummersbach and the private company Hüttebräucker from Leichlingen (which also had its own line concessions), which was merged into the newly founded Verkehrsverbund Rhein – Sieg (VRS) on October 1, 1986. Wiedenhoff continued to operate its lines.

Wiedenhoff Bus 108 built in 1970, one of the legendary MAN “Metrobus” in Leverkusen on 18 November 1978 | © Christian Marquordt

In 2020, Wiedenhoff came to the conclusion that the services was no longer economically viable under the current condition, and VRS terminated its contracts with Wiedenhoff at the end of 30 June 2021.The services were taken over by Regionalverkehr Köln (RVK) and by “Kraftverkehr Wupper – Sieg AG” (Leverkusen). For the operation Wupper-Sieg bought ten second-hand 2009-built buses from Rhein – Sieg Verkehrs Gesellschaft (RSVG) from Troisdorf, which started service in Leverkusen numbered 480 to 489. They are of different models:

one MAN Lion’s City G NG 313 (low-floor articulated bus)

two MAN Lion’s City NL 283 (12-metre low-floor bus)

two Solaris Urbino 12 (12-metre low-floor buses)

five Solaris Urbino 18 (low-floor articulated buses)

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