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Masats’ new sliding door for buses

The Spanish specialist manufacturer of access systems for public transport such as buses, coaches, minibuses and rail vehicles is introducing a new product: The new sliding door 028d Slim has been developed to solve space problems in some vehicles (particularly two-story vehicles or the new autonomous vehicles) even though it’s appropriate for all types of urban buses.

The new electric sliding door 028d SLIM completes the next-generation Masats urban product range. It’s a very compact low-height (153 mm) mechanism which is ideal for vehicles with little clearance at the top for easy access to the engine and maintenance.

Sustainability is key to the company and that’s why this all-new system weighs 20% less which not only helps reduce vehicle fuel consumption but also makes it so less waste is produced at the end of its lifecycle.

It is a high-performance sliding door with harmonious movement and perfect sealing for less noise. The system has been tested for 1.5 million cycles and meets the highest standards established by ISO 16750.

The new door 028d is compact yet features the greatest safety systems such as a mechanical self-blocking system that prevents the door from opening when completely closed. It also has a triple safety system: by encoder, by a sensitive edge with high obstacle detection and by electronic detection. The emergency system is activated with pneumatic buttons.

The system guarantees high reliability and availability with an average distance between failures of 350,000 km.

The system is to be presented with two optional electronics or ECUs: the electronic Evolution option with more features and prepared for predictive maintenance, and the electronic Basic option to meet basic service needs.

The first units can already be found in some Cobus airport vehicles in Portugal.

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