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Metro Paris continues to grow!

Rosny Bois-Perrier: Opening on the extemsion of line 11 | © RATP

Line 11

Since 13 June 2024, the extensive Paris metro network has grown by a further 5.8 km of line and six new stops: Line 11 now extends beyond the previous terminus at Mairie des Lilas to Rosny Bois-Perrier and serves the intermediate stations Serge Gainsbourg, Romainville – Carnot, Montreuil – Hôpital, La Dhuys and Coteaux Beauclair. At the new terminus, there is a connection to the RER suburban railway network and, in a few years’ time, to the brand new metro line 15, which is currently under construction. Around 800 metres of track and the penultimate of the new stations, Coteaux-Beauclair, are on the surface, the rest in the tunnel. In addition to the trains currently in use, the MP59 series carriages, which had helped to characterise the metro for decades, were also used for the last time at the opening.

Extensions of line 11 next to Coteaux-Beauclair | © RATP

Line 14

In just a few days, on 24 June 2024, RATP, the network operator, will inaugurate two further extensions, both on line 14: the line will be extended by one stop in the north from Mairie de St-Ouen to St-Denis-Pleyel, and a further 7 new stations will be added in the south between the current terminus at Olympiades and the future terminus at Aéroport d’Orly airport – all equipped with platform doors for automated operation, just like the previous stations. However, the Villejuif – Gustave Roussy stop will not go into operation as a future connection point to line 15 until the end of 2024, so the trains will run through here without stopping.

Plattform doors for automated operation on line 14 | © UTM/b
News depot in Morangis | © Gilbert Lasne – RATP Press

Both extensions mean a total of 14 kilometres of new underground lines for the Paris metro network. In addition, a new depot will be opened at the southern end in Morangis, where the line’s 72 eight-section trains will be serviced in future.

A route map of the metro (including the extensions) can be found here: https://www.urbanrail.net/eu/fr/paris/paris-map-giant.png.