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Mexico City: A tender for 50 articulated trolleybuses

Mexico City's trolleybus operator STE received a total of 63 new Yutong trolleybuses in 2019 I © UTM

Servicio de Transporte Eléctricos (STE) is the operator of the remaining trolleybus network in Mexico’s capital city. After many years without any kind of investment in the system a change in the municpal government led to new injection of capital. 63 Yutong low-floor trolleybuses of the model ZK5120C were purchased at the end of 2019, and further modernization efforts have been announced. We reported here: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/first-new-yutong-trolleybus-for-mexico-city-officially-presented/

In the context of the introduction of new trolleybus corridor between Constitución de 1917 and Santa Marta a tender has now been launched for 50 battery-powered trolleybuses, which is to be finalized on 21 April. The route is currently used by 130,000 passengers on a weekday. The elctrification and upgrading to BRT standard should reduce travel time end-to-end from 36 to 21 minutes.

Mexico City (CDMX) last operated articulated trolleybuses in 1993. The trolleybus system had reached its maximum extension in 1990 with 30 services operating. Today there are 8 routes left, but some more a planned for the foreseeable future.

This is how it could look like: an articulated trolleybus model from Chinese manufacturer Yutong – here in Shanghai, the oldest trolleybus system in the world (since 1914) | © Yutong Presse
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