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New Stadler low-floor trams for Bernmobil

Design TRAMLINK | Stadler

Stadler Rail Group has been awarded to supply new tramways for Switzerland’s federal capital Bern.

The first batch of the order includes 20 bi-directional and 7 uni-directional low-floor tramcars of Stadler’s TRAMLINK model for delivery between 2023 and 2025. The new trams will replace the 12 Vevey/ABB/Duewag of the city’s tram network and 9 SWP/SIG trams for RBS line 6 to Worb Dorf. Today they are between 29 and 32 years old. In addition the new trams will be used for service enhancement on route 9 and its expansion to Kleinwabern. Bernmobil can execute an option for up to 27 additional tramcars to be used for further service improvements and the planned new tram line 10 to Ostermundingen. Start of construction is scheduled for 2023 – the inauguration is expected in 2026/ 27.

The new TRAMLINK vehicles are 100 % low-floor. They are 42.5 metres long and have 52 seats in the bi-directional version and 68 seats in the unidirectional trams. The total investment for the 27 vehicles on order including a spare parts package and special tools amounts to SFr 125 million.

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