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New PKTS low-floor trams for Kaliningrad trams presented

The two-car 71-921 "Corsaire" shortly after completion in the PKTS production in St. Petersburg I © PKTS

Russian Manufacturer PK Transport Systems presented the new metre gauge low-floor tram sets for Kaliningrad on 27 November at the Fyodor Pirotskiy Nevskiy Electric Transport Factory in Saint Petersburg. 71-921 “Corsaire” is the first-ever narrow gauge tram model that is entirely Russian-made. The tram consists in two modules with a total length of 19.4 m. The two carbodies are lying on one bogie each.

Feliks Vinokur, president of PK Transport Systems: “We have developed an absolutely new product that has no counterpart in the Russian market. No one in Russia is producing fully low-floor tram cars for narrow-gauge tramway systems at the moment. It’s nice that Government of Kaniningrad Oblast agreed to test our innovative tram cars in the region’s capital”

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The new 1000m gauge one-directional vehicles are composed of 2 carbodies and are 2,3 m in width and will be able to carry up to 177 passengers. 29 of them are seated, with space reserved for wheelchair users. The handrails and other details are made of aluminum alloys, which allows them to last longer. Inside, it has state-of-the-art multimedia screens, climate control, USB chargers and Wi-Fi routers. The new tram also features CCTV systems for passenger boarding, road traffic control and has a lower power consumption, which allows to reduce energy costs.

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Feliks Vinokur: “I’m sure that citizens of Kaliningrad will like the stylish and modern appearance of our trams, appreciate the quality of the interior and also feel the real comfort from commuting around the city and changing their views on how public transport should be.”

We reported about the public transport and trams in Kaliningrad here:

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