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New trams for GTT Torino

Design study of the new articulated tram for Torino by Hitachi Italy | © GTT / HItachi

Starting in spring 2021 Hitachi Rail SpA will deliver Torino’s transport operator GTT 30 low-floor trams. The new trams will be 5-module single ended vehicles, 28 meters long and with a capacity of up to 200 passengers. All will be built in Hitachi’s Italian factories. They will replace the remaining articulated tramcars of 2800 series rebuilt in the 1970s and 1980s and now in part more than 60 years old. There are roughly 90 trams of this type still in service.

The order has value of EUR 63 million and will be financed with public funds from the central government. Contract close is expected next month. Another 40 tramway will be ordered as soon as funding is granted, in order to replace some of the earlier low-floor trams and expand the service.

Torino’s tram network has a length of 88 km and is operated by 9 tram lines. A specificity is the track gauge of 1445 mm which is also to be found in Milan and Rome.

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