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Quantron AG cooperates with H2Go GmbH

Signing of the cooperation agreement between Quantron AG and H2Go GmbH From left: Holger Grass, Head of Business Development Quantron AG / Andreas Haller, CEO of Quantron AG / Axel Poblotzki, Managing Director H2Go / Marco Schmidt, Managing Director and Shareholder H2Go

Hydrogen as an alternative fuel is the future of electromobility. However, it is also a topic that brings with it a number of challenges that companies must master. That’s why e-mobility company Quantron AG and hydrogen specialist H2Go GmbH have now joined forces to pool the knowledge and expertise of both companies to offer a total package of hydrogen mobility solutions.

The joint service and product offering consists of commercial vehicles powered by hydrogen, customized hydrogen logistics and infrastructure, customer consulting and the creation of customer-specific holistic hydrogen roadmaps. H2Go and QUANTRON compile customized solutions from the joint modular system of products and services.

Andreas Haller, CEO of Quantron AG: “We at QUANTRON not only offer our customers zero-emission vehicles, but also support them in all essential areas related to electromobility and hydrogen. The cooperation with H2Go is an important part of our fully comprehensive service offering.”

Axel Poblotzki, Managing Director of H2Go GmbH: “Through the cooperation concluded with QUANTRON, we can now offer our joint customers and partners a complete hydrogen ecosystem for commercial vehicles by linking vehicle and infrastructure expertise in a meaningful way. In doing so, we have the positive effects on regional and supraregional value chains in mind.”  

About H2Go GmbH

H2Go GmbH, as a 100% subsidiary of Hydrogentle GmbH, develops and realises projects around environmentally friendly produced green hydrogen for a CO2-free energy supply.  The focus is on the creation of intelligent networks from the production of green hydrogen, its distribution and the corresponding filling station infrastructure. The company’s goal is to position the sustainable energy carrier economically on the market and thus to contribute to the large-scale establishment of the use of green hydrogen and thus to the decarbonisation of commercial vehicle fleets.

More information can be found at www.h2-go.netand www.hydrogentle.de and LinkedIn.

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