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Siemens Mobility awarded order for 26 Light Rail Vehicles by Portland’s TriMet

The operator TriMet already operates a fleet of 119 Siemens and 26 Bombardier light rail vehicles - now 26 new Siemens S700 vehicles will replace the type 1 Bombardier series I Photo: Robert Schwandl

Siemens Mobility won a Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) contract from Portland’s TriMet, Oregon’s largest regional transit provider. This order will replace TriMet’s original 26 Type-1 Bombardier vehicles, built in 1984 – 86 with the new S700 low-floor state-of-the-art vehicle which has been jointly developed by TriMet and Siemens Mobility. The contract includes options for up to 60 additional vehicles, which would accommodate additional vehicles needed for further service expansions such as the MAX Red Line Extension to Fair Complex, and the Southwest Corridor.

With the completion of this new purchase, TriMet’s LRV fleet will be a fully Siemens fleet – with the first delivery expected in 2021. Importantly, TriMet has opted to install the latest Internet-of-Things (IoT) framework to what will now be their Type 6 vehicle, ensuring that the latest rail digitalization capabilities are applied for increasing efficiencies in operations and maintenance, increasing value sustainably over their lifecycle, and ultimately resulting in peak economic and passenger experience.

The S700 cars are the latest advancement of the S70 low-floor vehicle platform designed and manufactured by Siemens Mobility at its plant in Sacramento, California. As the S70, the S700 is a 70% low-floor light rail vehicles with steel carbodies and single operator’s cabs as the trains are constantly operated in multiple units. The vehicles consist in two long endcars and short middle-car. Each six-axle light rail vehicle is equipped with two power bogies (one under each end) and a non-powered bogie underneath the center section.

Portland’s light rail system

Portland’s light rail started operation in September 1986. The route network has since grown to a length of 96 km. Currently, there are five lines which are branched in north-south and east-west direction. The system is used by 38.9 million passengers per year. The daily ridership is as high as of 121,100 passengers. TriMet’s fleet currently consists in 26 six-axle Bombardier-built light rail vehicles type 1 and 52 vehicles of type 2 (Siemens-built in 1997, model SD660), 27 vehicles of type 3 (Siemens-built in 2003, model SD660), 22 vehicles of type 4 (Siemens-built in 2009, model S70) as well as 18 vehicles of the type 5 (Siemens-built in 2015, model S70).

A detailed network map is available here: