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Škoda Transportation signs contract for Warsaw Metro trains

Design impression of Warsaw's new metro I © Škoda Transportation

Škoda Transportation ceremonially signed a purchase contract on 30 January 2020 in Warsaw for the supply of up to 45 six-car metro trains (a total of 270 cars) for the Polish capital. The total value of the contract is almost 8 billion Złoty (ca. 1.86 billion Euro).

The tender process has been ongoing for over two years. As Warsaw’s current two-line 32.1 km metro network is extending, the new trains will help increase the fleet size and replace the oldest trains, dating from the 1990’s. Further to this, passenger numbers are constantly growing. The first train is scheduled to be delivered within 20 months (1 year and 8 months) and will be homologated and certified three months later, i.e. at the end of 2021.

“I am pleased that our victory in one of the largest tenders in Europe has been confirmed. We’ve waited for the result for over two years. We have succeeded in strengthening our position in the important Polish market, where we also supplied trams for Wrocław or traction equipment for trolleybuses and trams for Lublin and Krakow,” says  Chairman of the Board and President of the Škoda Transportation group, Petr Brzezina, adding: “In designing the trains we paid great attention to the comfort features, which will make traveling even more comfortable. In Warsaw they can look forward to a sufficient number of comfortable seats and a modern, clear external and internal audiovisual information system, and both front cars will be equipped with space for disabled people, with a room for a stroller and a bicycle in each car.” Škoda Transportation won the tender its competitors Siemens-Newag, Stadler, Alstom and CAF. The contract also includes spare parts supply, a simulator, extended warranty and training. The basic delivery will contain 37 metro trains, with an option for a further eight trains.

Great emphasis was placed on the safety and comfort of passengers and operators in the development and design of the metro trains. The trains are designed according to EN and UIC standards and meet the latest technical knowledge and requirements in the field of fire safety as well. The trains ensure safe operation with minimal operating costs. Škoda Transportation cooperates with Czech and Polish universities and engineering offices on the development of modern metro trains.

The first new trains will arrive in Warsaw in 20 months only I © Škoda Transportation

 “The new six-car trains for Warsaw can hold up to 1,500 passengers. Their maximum speed will be 90 km/h.  The interior is designed to create a pleasant environment for passengers. The materials used are resistant to normal wear and tear and are easy to clean. The vehicles will naturally meet the latest safety standards and will also be equipped with a camera system with recording,” adds Zdeněk Majer, Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of Sales of the Škoda Transportation group.

Škoda has many years of experience in the development, production and modernization of metros. The company has previously delivered metros to St. Petersburg and is responsible for modernising the metro trains in Prague and Kiev.

Further information and a detailed map of the Warsaw Metro can be found here: http://www.urbanrail.net/eu/pl/war/warszawa.htm

Sources: Škoda Transportation/ own Research

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