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Städtischer Nahverkehr in der DDR

Ein schönes Beispiel für die Aufnahmen von Peter Dönges: Gebraucht aus Erfurt gekaufte Gothaer Triebwagen Baujahr 1938 gehörten in den letzten Jahren zum Bestand der Eisenacher Straßenbahn, hier Tw 40 und 45

Städtischer Nahverkehr in der DDR – einzigartige Momentaufnahmen von Peter Dönges

This comprehensive book includes more than 1600 black and white photos of public transport operators in the former DDR. Almost all were taken by the well-known transport expert and photographer Peter Dönges between the mid-1950s and 1981. Around half of the pictures are from Saxony, and the diversity of vehicles shown is really remarkable. There are also included photos of different trolleybus and motorbus models as well as a number of bus trailers, sometimes pre-war, which all served the DDR cities at that time. Recomendable!

Author: Andreas Riedel

Photos Peter Dönges

480 pages, 6 colour photos, some 1.650 B/W-photos

Editorial: Bildverlag Böttger GbR Verlag

Sales price: EUR 48.00

ISBN 978-3937496955

Available at: http://www.boettger-bildverlag.de/buecher.asp?src=2

An interesting photo taken by Peter Dönges in Eisenach where ex-Erfurt motorcars built in Gotha 1938 provided part of the services

Former terminus Rosenhof of route 2 in Dessau, closed in 1974, operated by ex-Leipzig motorcar no. 28.
Photo: Peter Dönges