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The airport tram: The “Green Dolphin” in Kunming / China

@ CRRC on Twitter

We are familiar with modern low-floor trams in urban environments, but now China is surprising us with a completely new application variant: On a location where people mover systems usually operate elsewhere, three modern seven-section tramcars connect different terminal areas at Kunming Changshui International Airport since 26 July 2021. They can accommodate up to 500 passengers each.

Kunming is located in the south of China in the province of Yunnan. Metro Line 6 of the city’s metro network serves to connect the airport to the city.

The tram units for the new system, which CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co Ltd supplied to a consortium which includes the airport operator among others, are equipped with powerful supercapacitors for opportunity charging, therefore no overhead line installation is required. The tramways which have been baptised “Green Dolphins”, are maintained in a three-track depot.

The double-track line is currently 1.88 km long and runs almost completely straight ahead without curves. It runs partly under the aircraft taxiway, and at the stations there is access only by means of platform doors. Extensions of the systems are under consideration.

Platform doors at the stops | @ CRRC on Twitter
@ CRRC on Twitter
@ CRRC on Twitter
The depot | @ CRRC on Twitter
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