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TRAM 2021

The latest edition of the long established yearbook TRAM by the two Dutch editors Bas Schenk and Maurits van den Toorn is – with its 272 pages and hundreds of photos – again a handy and more than useful source of information. The development of tramways worldwide is comprehensively described, a 25-pages feature article about the development of the various PCC models in the market and and its “relatives” in Europe and elsewhere is also included.

Even if reading the Dutch language is not easy for all of us, the essential content can be grasped quite easily without any deeper langauge skills, and the large number of photos provides a very good overview of what has happened in the last 12 months in the worldwide tramway scenery. Recommendable by any means!

Authors: Bas Schenk, Maurits van den Toorn

Editorial: de Alk – http://www.alk.nl

272 pages, format: 15×21 cm, paperback

Price: € 19,90

ISBN: 9789059612464

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