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Robert Schwandl’s most recent release „Tram Atlas BeNeLux“ covers the tramway, light rail and metro systems in the three countries Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Special ficous is on the tramway systems, with detailed maps of the track layout of each system, but the other traffic modes are not neglected at all, even the only trolleybus system in Arnhem is included as well as several tramway museums.

The quality of the photos and maps is outstanding and at the high standard Schwandl’s publication are well-known for. By any means an interesting addition to your book collection, and for sure a useful compagnion when you travel and visit some (or all) of the systems.

Author: Robert Schwandl

160 pages

numerous colour images and network maps of each system

Text deutsch/English

Editorial: Verlag Robert Schwandl, Berlin

Price: EUR 19.50

ISBN 978 3 936573 59 6

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