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A new edition of another of the well-estabished guide books published by the Robert SChwandl is now available: All trams, metros and trolleybuses in France are well presented and represented in it – now more than 30 systems in total. France is undoubtedly a role model when it comes to the reintroduction of modern, urban rail transport – after all, until the mid-1980s there were still only three tram companies in the country.

Christoph Groneck, expert on the subject for many years already and author of numerous publications over the years, together with the publisher has once again complied a handy book that is suitable both as a perfect travel companion and for reading and reference at home. Detailed route maps are accompanied in each city by a concise, brief description of the individual system, rounded off by the most important data and an overview of the vehicle fleet.

In short: Strongly recommended!

Authors: Christoph Groneck & Robert Schwandl

Editor: Robert Schwandl Verlag, Berlin

160 pages

Format 17×24 cm softback

approx. 300 colour images, various network maps

Text deutsch/English

ISBN 978-3-936573-66-4

Price: EUR 19.50

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