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Trolleybuses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the rest of the world

Original title: Trolejbusy v České a Slovenské republice a ve světě

UTM author Martin Harák is well-known among the trolleybus experts and has published other books and booklets on the subject. This most recent release gives an overview about the history of the systems and all trolleybus production models, dominated by Skoda Electric and its predecessors. It covers all trolleybus systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in addition, a number of other operations around the world are also included. Beyond the trolleybus different versions of current battery-electric buses are described, too, as well as some electrified freight operations including Siemens‘ experimental eHighway on German motorways.

Text is in Czech language, however, the number of interesting photos and the network schemes of the countries‘ trolleybus systems are interesting and useful anyway. Technical data is also easy to follow even without deeper knowledge of the local langauge. The moderate price makes it a worthwhile addition to your book shelf.

Author: Martin Harák

Editorial: Grada Publishing a.s., Prag

216 pages, format 21.4 x 17 cm, hardcover

More than 300 photos

Price: 449 CK / 20 EUR

ISBN: 978–80–271–2839–6

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