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Volvo electric articulated buses for SSB Stuttgart

@ Volvo

On 14 September 2020, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) became the first public transport provider in Germany to operate two all-electric articulated buses of the type Volvo 7900 EA. They can accommodate up to 150 passengers and will be used on the Stuttgart express bus line X1.

In the presence of the Mayor of Stuttgart and Chairman of the SSB Supervisory Board Fritz Kuhn gave Thomas Moser, Technical Board Member and Chairman of the Board of SSB, Markus Wiedemann, Head of The Automotive Division of SSB, and Thomas Hartmann, Managing Director of Volvo Busse Deutschland GmbH, the ebuses were commissioned.

Press conference at Gaisburg depot | @ Volvo

The SSB strives for electric buses with similar range and availability as conventional diesel buses. SSB CEO Thomas Moser confirms that the innovative technology of Volvo’s new electric articulated buses fits the demanding conditions in Stuttgart: “The topographical and climatic conditions have an unfavourable effect on the range here. They are a particular challenge. At the same time, we mainly use articulated buses, which once again have special requirements.”

Volvo 7900 EA: the new electric articulated buses of the SSB

Volvo’s new electric articulated buses feature high-performance all-electric Powertrain configurations and optimized gearboxes. Due to their high performance, the automatic 2-speed manual transmission from Volvo, the EBS electronic braking system with mountain start assistance, ABS and ASR as well as their stable handling, they ensure safe operation even with the highest requirements and under extreme conditions. The Volvo 7900 EA has a twin engine with an output of not less than 397 kW (540 hp), which is arranged in the rear to the left and retarder is switched on.

With a length of exactly 18 557 mm, the three-axle Volvo 7900 EA offers enough space for comfortable transport of up to 150 passengers.

Battery: Charging and energy storage

The CCS charging of the battery is carried out on the two new Volvo 7900 EA on the SSB depots in Gaisburg and Bad Cannstatt. In Gaisburgthere are two charging stations of ABB.

The energy storage system consists of six lithium-ion batteries, each with 49 kW and automatic battery temperature control. The bus keeps the batteries to operating temperature and ensures that the vehicle can be started directly and without heating up if required. The 24V batteries are charged from the 600V batteries, and the interior can be preheated via a timer.

X1: Innovative, fast and environmentally friendly in Stuttgart city centre

Since its opening in October 2018, the X1 express bus line has been the first SSB bus line to connect the Bad Cannstatt district every five minutes in less than 15 minutes with the five most important stops of Stuttgart city centre and the Central station. On line X1, in addition to the new electric articulated buses, two Volvo hybrid buses on their own bus lane in change of direction Traveling. This ensures an unhindered and emission-free journey to any Time. In addition, the buses are also used at traffic lights compared to the individual Preferred. Attractive for passengers is the equipment of all buses on line X1 with open Wi-Fi and USB charging jacks.

In total, the SSB fleet comprises 271 buses, 30 of which are the Volvo Wear emblem. These vehicles include 15 Volvo 7900 H hybrid solo buses, five Hybrid articulated buses Volvo 7900 HA, eight electric hybrid buses Volvo 7900 EH and now also the first two all-electric articulated buses Volvo 7900 EA.

(information by Volvo and SSB)

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