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73 new Siemens Avenio Trams for Munich

8 four-car Avenios are already in Service in Munich - a further 13 tram are currently entering service I UTM

Starting with the first deliveries in 2021 Siemens Mobility will build more new Avenio trams for city network of the Bavaria capital Munich. Stadtwerke München (SWM) and Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) have finalized the order of another 73 Avenio trams worth more than €200 million.

Munich got the first 8 new Avenio trams already in 2013. In October 2015 a contract was signed for the supply of 22 Avenios of a slightly modified design which included already an option of up to 102 additional vehicles. The new order is part of this option. While the last supply of the 22 tramways was split among 9 vehicles of two sections, 9 of three sections and 4 of the four-section design, all the 73 now on order are only of the latter one. They are single-ended as all Munich trams, are 37 meters long, have 8 doors (2 in each section) and a total capacity of some 218 passengers, including 69 seated. The interior includes two large multi-functional areas for parking strollers and wheelchairs.

Since 2018, the short two-car Avenios started service – mostly on line 12 as seen here I UTM

The new low-floor trams will enable to improve service frequencies on the existing network and operate new routes like the planned tram tangents and a tram line in the northern part of the city. The oldest tramways of P/p type built by Rathgeber in the 1960s and most likely the remaining not modernised low flor trams of the first generation may also be replaced by the new Avenios.