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First order for MCV electric buses in Germany: They go to Rheingold-Reisen in Wuppertal

The first order from MCV Deutschland GmbH for 10 all-electric 12-metre low-floor buses has been placed with Rheingold-Reisen-Wuppertal Blankennagel GmbH & Co. KG in North Rhine-Westphalia. Specially developed for the European market, the C127 EV celebrated its German premiere in Berlin in 2023. The first 5 vehicles will be delivered in the 4th quarter of 2024. A further 5 vehicles will follow in the 1st quarter of 2025, all of which will be in service in the southern region.

Modern bus company with a focus on the future

Rheingold-Reisen-Wuppertal can look back on almost 100 years of history as an established bus company. Founded in 1929 by Wilhelm Blankennagel, the company grew steadily with Dieter Blankennagel, son of the founder. In the 1950s, the Wuppertal bus company began organising and running coach tours. In the 1990s, Axel Blankennagel, the third generation, developed the company into a broad-based public transport company specialising in scheduled, school and occasional services. The fourth generation, represented by Tim and Jörn Blankennagel, is continuing this trend with the addition of rail replacement and on-demand transport services. Rheingold-Reisen-Wuppertal has followed the latest quality standards from the outset with its own bus fleet and the organisation of the entire company, and is geared towards the future through continuous further development. Consequently, Rheingold-Reisen-Wuppertal also invests in new drive technologies. The private bus company with almost 70 of its own vehicles now operates in 20 cities and municipalities and describes itself as a pioneer of decarbonisation in the core area of North Rhine-Westphalia. The company continues to voluntarily drive forward the CO2 reduction of its bus fleet.

E-bus from MCV

Only ultra-modern Euro VI diesel and some diesel hybrid vehicles are used. Further milestones now include the electrification of the fleet and the modernisation of the company’s infrastructure. “The construction of the new depot in Dieselstraße in Wuppertal is in the final phase and will be opened in spring 2024,” says Axel Blankennagel, Managing Director of Rheingold-Reisen-Wuppertal Blankennagel GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to attractive workplaces for the drivers, the new location will also invest in the electric charging infrastructure. This is a prerequisite for operating the all-electric MCV C127 EV.

When designing the buses, particular emphasis was placed on the use of European components for the main assemblies. The 2-door low-floor vehicles impress with their extensive compliance with VDV guidelines and have some interesting features such as the CO2 heat pump and a purely electric auxiliary heater. An electric central motor drives the rear axle. The energy is provided by 6 battery packs on the roof totalling 462 kWh. Charging takes place at a charging rate of up to 1C using a CCS2 plug. In terms of safety, the vehicles are state-of-the-art and feature camera mirrors, cornering assist and ADAS systems, among other things. 37 passenger seats in overland seating as well as 2 folding seats and a special utilisation area at door 2 height ensure flexibility and comfort. The package is rounded off by a maintenance contract and an extension of the battery warranty over the entire service life of 8 years or 640,000 kilometres.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to convince Rheingold-Reisen-Wuppertal of our all-electric bus concept and our service package as our first customer,” says Pierre Dellori, Managing Director of MCV Deutschland GmbH. The first five buses will be delivered in October 2024, accompanied by extensive driver training and training for the emergency services. A further 5 vehicles will then be handed over to Rheingold-Reisen-Wuppertal at the beginning of 2025.

All photos: © MCV Deutschland GmbH