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HEAG mobilo receives funding for basic renewal of its tram network

HEAG mobilo invests 17.8 million euros in the renewal of the tram network I © UTM

In order to modernise its transport infrastructure, HEAG mobilo is receiving funding of almost 11 million euros from the federal government and the state of Hesse. 7.3 million euros will come from the federal government, the remaining 3.6 million euros from the state. State Secretary Jens Deutschendorf from the Hessian Ministry of Economics and Transport presented HEAG mobilo with the funding decision today (8th) in Darmstadt. The funding will be used to subsidise 13 basic infrastructure renewals for HEAG mobilo’s tram network in Darmstadt and the Darmstadt-Dieburg district. This applies to measures that have already been completed as well as ongoing and planned work that will be realised by the end of the decade.

“Efficient and attractive local public transport with a functioning infrastructure is essential for modern, climate-friendly mobility. HEAG mobilo is investing EUR 17.8 million in the complete renewal of the tram network and thus in the reliability and safety of Darmstadt’s public transport system. We are delighted that we are able to support this with around 11 million euros in federal and state funding. Since 2020, the federal government has not only been funding the expansion and construction of new lines, but also the basic renewal of the existing rail infrastructure. In these three years, 37 million euros have already flowed from Berlin to Hesse, which the state has topped up with 21 million euros. Further applications are in progress. We are experiencing a comprehensive refurbishment of the tram networks in Hesse,” says Jens Deutschendorf.

HEAG mobilo is happy about the funding I © HEAG mobilo

“The rail infrastructure is the basis of HEAG mobilo’s tram services and therefore the backbone of modern and efficient public transport,” says Johannes Gregor, Managing Director of HEAG mobilo. “However, as an increased public transport service also means a greater burden on the infrastructure, the funding makes a significant contribution to ensuring that our route network is always state-of-the-art.”

“It is clear that public transport, and therefore HEAG mobilo, has a decisive role to play in the mobility transition. If we want to protect our environment and motivate people to switch to public transport, then we have to offer an attractive range of services. The subsidies granted by the federal and state governments are an important and necessary step towards achieving this goal,” says Lord Mayor Hanno Benz.

“We are going through very challenging times financially. That’s why we appreciate any support that enables us to offer everyone in Darmstadt a better public transport experience,” says Paul Wandrey, Head of Transport for the City of Science Darmstadt. The funded infrastructure renewals include, for example, the construction work in Seeheim, which will be completed in the 2023 autumn holidays. The ongoing maintenance of the tracks, track bends and points in Poststrasse and Goebelstrasse is also being funded. As a feeder line for the railway to the main station, the infrastructure at this point is under particular strain. The same applies to the railway infrastructure on Rheinstraße. Modernisation of the important transport axis in the north of Darmstadt also falls into the funding pot: funds are being made available for the basic renewal of Frankfurter Straße and the already completed “Alsfelder Straße” triangle.