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Jena: Another 9 Stadler TRAMLINKs to come

First passenger service on 16 December 2023 | © Jenaer Nahverkehr

The “Lichtbahn” (“light tram”) – Stadler’s low-floor tramway model TRAMLINK – is to replace all vehicles of the GT6M type used today in the future. We reported here: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/jena-the-first-lichtbahn-tram-has-arrived/ . The first twelve “Lichtbahnen” (“light trams”) arrived at the Jena depot in 2023, with the next twelve to follow in 2024. The new trams began regular service in Jena on 16 December 2023 and an official commissioning ceremony was held at the depot.

Inauguration at the depot | © Jenaer Nahverkehr

The previous delivery order for the “light rail vehicles” comprised two different vehicle lengths:

16 vehicles have a seven-section design with a vehicle length of 42 metres. There are four spaces for wheelchair users in the three multifunctional areas. Prams and bicycles are also provided with storage space.

8 vehicles are designed as five-section trams with a vehicle length of 32 metres. The shorter version has two multifunctional areas with four wheelchair spaces.

The Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture has now agreed to provide financial support for the procurement of a further 9 trams. The funding comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and from state funds and will cover up to half of the total costs. The trams are the shorter version (32 metres) of the bidirectional TRAMLINK, manufactured by Stadler Valencia in Spain.

Even though the final decision on the investment in these modern, low-floor and barrier-free trams is still pending, it can already be assumed that Jena’s tram network will only be served by the new TRAMLINK and the five TRAMINO trams from the Polish manufacturer Solaris, which were built in 2013.

All GT6M will be replaced: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/jena-gt6m-trams-arrived-in-lodz/ | © Dirk Budach

Data of the seven-section (five-section) TRAMLINK:

  • Manufacturer: Stadler
  • Type: TRAMLINK multi-articulated vehicle
  • Track gauge: 1,000 millimetres
  • Maximum speed: 70 km/h
  • Seating capacity: 80 (58)
  • Standing room: 161 (122)
  • Length: 41.88 metres (32.55 metres)
  • Height: 3.56 metres
  • Doors: 6 (5) per side: 2 single and 4 double doors
  • Total engine power: 630 kW (420 kW)
“Lichtbahn” tram no. 801 ready for its first passenger trip on 16 December 2023 | © Jenaer Nahverkehr, Nadine Eckardt
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