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L’Intégrale de Tatra –  Les tramways Tatra

This special issue of French magazine « Transports et Patrimoine Ferroviaires », written by Jean Claude Vaudois, tells the story of the Czech Tatra trams. Illustrated with many previously unpublished photos, it shows how Czech engineers managed to produce a wide variety of trams adapted to networks with different characteristics. Although the manufacturer, CKD Praha, has been closed since 2000, many Tatra trams are still in service in many Eastern European countries.

Author : Jean Claude Vaudois

Editor: FACS Patrimoine Ferroviaire

Contact: contact@facs-patrimoine-ferroviaire.fr

68 pages, more than 170 photos, many drawings

Format 21 x 30 cm DIN A4, softback

Price: EUR 16.00