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Modertrans presents 15-meter 100% low-floor tram

Die einteilige LF 05 AC Prototyp kurz nach der Fertigstellung im Modertrans-Werk I © Modertrans


At the end of May 2021, Poznań-based tram manufacturer presented a new generation of single-car low-floor trams, the so-called Gamma LF 05 AC model. According to Modertrans, it is the first single-unit tram with a low floor over its entire length developed in Poland.

The new tram-car has a length of less than 15 metres which is about one metre longer than the standard Konstal 105N high-floor tram generation. The prototype is a unidirectional vehicle with doors on one side only. It is not known whether the manufacturer will also offer a version for metre-gauge. For the time being, Modertrans did not disclose any detailed technical data, announcing only that it will do so soon. The new tram development has most probably based on a new bogie development in order to allow for the 100% low-floor design.

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Last year, Modertrans handed over a dozen of single-unit cars of a similar length for Tramwaje Śląskie (13 units of MF 10 AC and two two-way cars MF 11 AC BD) and Tramwaje Elbląskie (5 units of MF 09 AC). However, these were only partially low-floor vehicles with a 50% low-floor design. We reported here:

The Development of the construction of the new tram type has been co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (Operational Programme “Intelligent Development”). The project is also being implemented as part of the National Centre for Research and Development (Narodowego Centrum Badań) “Fast Track” competition.

Both in Poland and other Central European countries, there is certainly a market for single-car trams in order to replace the ageing high-floor fleets such as 105N Konstal in Poland and different Tatra types in other countries. We are looking forward to report about the further development of the LF 05 AC and wishes good luck for the testing and market launch.