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Ride & score points with the ‘Deutschland-Ticket’: DeutschlandCard and Vesputi cooperate for sustainable mobility

The DeutschlandCard bonus program is now offering the new Deutschland-Ticket in its app, giving users unlimited travel on local public transport throughout Germany. The technical integration was realized in cooperation with the technology company Vesputi, which provides the background system with its Mobilitybox. The DeutschlandCard is one of the largest multi-partner bonus programs and is also one of the widest-reaching multi-channel marketing platforms in Germany.

The goal of the cooperation is to strengthen the role of public transport in the connected, digital world and also to bring us a step closer to ultimate climate goals. “With the integration of the Deutschland-Ticket into the DeutschlandCard app, we have once again proven how quickly and easily the digitization and integration of public transport offers can work. This opens up countless new sales channels for public transport, and of course the sales partners also benefit from an additional service for their customers,” says Linus Frank, founder and managing director of Vesputi.

What does this mean for the users of the DeutschlandCard app? Effective immediately, they can purchase the 49-euro ticket with just a few clicks in the app, meaning they can be as flexible as possible and collect bonus points at the same time. “The sale of the Deutschland-Ticket via our app offers users another option to collect bonus points besides daily purchases and online shopping. In addition to flexible mobility and the climate protection factor, this is another convincing incentive to buy the ticket,” adds Julian Wicht, Vice President Marketing and E-Commerce at DeutschlandCard.

The cooperation offers users several advantages: With the 49-euro ticket, users can travel unlimitedly on local public transport throughout Germany, thus making their contribution to environmental protection, while at the same time using the bonus points for premium products. As with other providers, the ticket can also be canceled monthly in the DeutschlandCard app.