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Six Quantron Cizaris will go to Torino – and brandnew: „Quantron-as-a-Service“

Quantron Cizaris 12 EV on test in Bonn | © Christian Marquordt

Quantron – based in  the Bavarian city of Augsburg and a “newcomer” on the electric bus market – will deliver six 12-metre-long electric buses of its type “Cizaris 12 EV” to Miccolis in Turin (Torino) in October this year.

This is certainly an important order for the young company.

The author learned a few days ago that Quantron has already presented a Cizaris in Rome.

At the same time as this sales announcement, Quantron also informed about the signatures under a letter of intent to found a joint venture with the Indian software house “Goldstone Technologies Limited”. Together, the partners want to develop a digital platform for Quantron’s “Quantron-as-a-Service (QaaS)” offering, which will be driven by AI (artificial intelligence). It will serve as both a user and transaction platform and enable, for example, the monitoring of a fleet of vehicles in use.

For example, the system provides information on the charging status of the batteries, the general “well-being” of the bus, any repairs and maintenance work that may be due shortly … in short: the transport company can react before the bus breaks down in use in extreme cases.