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The Hague: Extension of RandstadRail

New interchange Lansingerland Zoetermeer der RandstadRail | Maurits van den Toorn

After an opening ceremony in the presence of Dutch state secretary Stienje van Velthoven on 17 Mai revenue service started on the 2.3 km extension of RandstadRail route 4 in Zoetermeer two days later. Beginning at previous terminus “Zoetermeer Javalaan” it reaches the new interchange station “Lansingerland Zoetermeer” at the NS mainline The Hague – Utrecht. There you can find some 700 new P&R parking lots. The trrackbed follows an elevated alignment including a viaduct crossing the motorway A12. One intermediate stop is located at Van Tuyllpark. Service RR 4 now runs from De Uithof via Den Haag to Lansingerland Zoetermeer.

RandstadRail RR3 and RR4 are part of a light rail system which in part uses former heavy rail link to Zoetermeer and shares track with the city tramways in The Hague. Tram-Train rolling stock is being used.

Map: http://www.urbanrail.net/eu/nl/dhg/den-haag-randstadrail.htm