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Metro · Subway · Light Rail · Tram · Streetcar · Commuter Rail

The latest release in the diverse programme of the Berlin-based publisher Robert Schwandl deals with the urban rail transport in and around Canada’s major cities and conurbations: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Waterloo/Kitchener, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Québec. It follows the three volumes about the different regions of the USA published a few years ago and, as always, offers a very good overview of the various systems in the country in the form of short, bilingual text sections, very good maps and numerous high-quality colour photos. A good travelling companion, but very useful for reading and browsing on your sofa at home, too.

Author: Robert Schwandl

Editorial: Robert Schwandl Verlag, Berlin

160 pages, format 17 x 25 cm, softback

Approx. 300 photos, Numerous network maps

ca. 300 Fotos

Text German & English

Price: EUR 24.50

ISBN 978 3 936573 73 2