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The new light rail system in Foshan

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The pace of expansion of China’s mass transit networks continues:

In Foshan, in the Guangdong region around the megacity of Guangzhou (Canton), China’s newest light rail line started revenue service on 18 August 2021: At 12 noon, operations began on the first, 9.5 km section. It currently connects Leigan on the interurban metro line between Guangzhou and Foshan via 10 stops to Sanshanxinchengbei. The extension of another 4.8 km and five stops to Linyuedong is under construction.

The timetable provides for weekday departures at 8-minute intervals between 6.30 am and 10 pm; a zone fare is applied.

The new urban rail, which mainly runs on elevated alignments, but also uses a tunnel section for a lengthy stretch on its western section, may be described best as a light rail system according to European standards, due to its almost crossing-free routing. However, low-floor tramcars are used, of which CRRC Sifang supplied 16. They consist of three sections and offer space for up to 396 passengers. There is the option to extend them int he future if needed.

© Robert Schwandl – see also: http://www.urbanrail.net/as/cn/guan/greater-guangzhou-metro-map.png

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Ben Patience
Ben Patience
2 years ago

So apparently overhead catenary is still being built on some new Chinese light rail systems.