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Trolleybus in Solingen

(Mit dem Obus durch Solingen)

As new edition of two previous issues and in a larger format with an increased number of photos the new book about Germany’s largest trolleybus (Obus in German language!) system in Solingen. The trolleybuses are part of Solingen’s city life for 67 years already – they seem to perfectly fit to the routes in the hilly terrain of the town and its surroundings. The author Jürgen Lehmann follows the development of the system for decades and provides all relevant information about the vehicles and the infrastructure. Photo quality is very good, as with other books of the editorial. The book is interesting to buy even for the ones who had bought the previous editions.

Author: Jürgen Lehmann

128 pages, format 21×30 cm, 182 colour + 75 B/W photos, 10 tables, 10 diagrams

Editorial: Verlag Kenning, Nordhorn/Germany

Sales price: EUR 29.95

ISBN 978-3-944390-10-9

Available also at: .www.obus-museum-solingen.de/Shop/Art_120.htm