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Subway · Light Rail · Commuter Rail

Urban Rail Transit in New York and its Metropolitan Area

Once again, the well-known editor Robert Schwandl has succeeded in publishing a comprehensive and compact work on a public transport network that is complex in almost every respect, in this case that of the US metropolitan area of New York. After an introductory outline of the history and the special features of using the system, the various systems are explained clearly and comprehensibly, enriched by more than 300 high-quality photos. At the end of the book there is a map section of several pages showing the different zones at various scales.

The author presents the book as an expanded and updated new edition of the New York section from his USA Guide (Volume 1) published in 2011. In fact, however, the content goes much further. As always, the quality is excellent and leaves little to be desired, be it for use as a travel guide or for browsing and reading at home.

160 pages, approx. 300 colour photos, network maps

Text deutsch & English

Editorial: Robert Schwandl Verlag, Berlin

Price: 24.50 EUR

ISBN 978 3 936573 70 1