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Vantaa in Greater Helsinki: Another new light rail is to come

© City of Vantaa / Vantaa ratikka on Twitter

In outer areas of Greater Helsinki a new metre-gauge suburban light rail will become reality by 2029.

In its meeting on 22 May 2023 Vantaa City Council voted 41 – 26 on favour of building the city’s first light rail. Building the light rail is expected to start in autumn 2024, with revenue service planned to begin five years later. Bi-directional low-floor tramcars will operate on the line. The new system will costs approximately 606 mn EUR.

© City of Vantaa / Vantaa ratikka on Twitter

The 19.3 km long line will connect the Helsinki-Vantaa airport through Jumbo shopping mall and Tikkurila to Hakunila and onwards via Länsimäki with Mellunmäki subway station. 27 stops including both termini will be served. A considerable change in the layout of the streets is essential part of the planning including car traffic lanes, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, and green zones. A push in the urban development of the entire area is expected from the new light rail scheme, with approximately 60,000 new residents and 30,000 new jobs. Trains will run very 7.5 minutes during the rush hours, otherwise every 10-20 minutes.

Vantaa ratikka – the Finish brand name of the new system – will be the second orbital light rail service in Greater Helsinki metropolitan area after the Jokeri light rail line, which is expected to open to the public in late 2023.

© City of Vantaa / Vantaa ratikka on Twitter
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