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13 HESS double articulated trolleybuses for Bern

HESS lighTram® 25 DC for Bern | © HESS

BERNMOBIL has awarded the contract for the delivery of 13 double-articulated trolleybuses (DGTB) to Swiss manufacturer HESS. The vehicles are to be deployed on the Bern – Köniz/Schliern line 10 from summer 2026 and offer around 30 per cent more capacity than conventional articulated trolleybuses.

The lighTram® 25 DC model offers generous space with 48 seats, large standing room areas and optimised passenger flow. The spacious multifunctional zone at the second entrance provides a comfortable space for wheelchair users. The air conditioning system with heat pump and environmentally friendly CO2 as a refrigerant contributes to the sustainability of the vehicles. In addition, the dynamic charging technology enables the batteries to be charged on the overhead line, which means that the vehicle can be used more flexibly on routes with partial overhead lines.

The new double-articulated trolleybuses are expected to be used from summer 2026 on route 10 between Bern railway station and Köniz/Schliern, which will have overhead contact lines on some sections. The switch to this type of vehicle will increase the capacity of line 10 and optimise the timetable with a more stable frequency.

The switch to double-articulated buses, which will operate as trolleybuses with partial overhead lines on the approximately 5½ km route, has the advantage over battery bus solutions of significantly shorter charging times, which means that the number of vehicles used can be kept to a minimum.

Bernmobil has already had a total of 14 HESS lighTram® 25 DC double-articulated trolleybuses in service since 2019.

One of the double articulated trolleybuses supllied in 2019 operating in battery mode due to construction works in the street near Länggasse terminus of line 20 | © Budach